im not very picky, i only have a few requirements!
don't follow me if
✘you fit typical dfi criteria
✘you are an ace inclusionist
✘you like/support jubyphonic/rachie
✘you dont like me or my friends
✘youre involved in cringe culture
✘you tweet about ninjago a lot (ok if were already mutuals)
✘youre lesbophobic, state opinions on things like nb lesbians and aren't a lesbian, call yourself femme/butch when you aren't a lesbian, are a bi girl who calls yourself a lesbian sometimes, etc
✘you arent ready to see me tweet abt komaeda every day
(THE LAST ONE IS KIND OF A JOKE hes just a big comfort character)
✘i only need 1 thing tagged and that's the word spank or anything related to hitting kids. its not that big of a deal but i would rather not see it.